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? Introduction

Welcome to our comprehensive mechanical keyboards buying guide! If you’re tired of mushy keys and unsatisfying typing experiences, you’ve come to the right place. As avid keyboard enthusiasts, we understand the importance of finding the perfect mechanical keyboard that suits your needs and preferences. In this guide, we’ll delve into the world of mechanical keyboards, discussing their benefits, different switch types, and key factors to consider before making a purchase. Whether you’re a gamer, programmer, or simply someone who appreciates a tactile typing experience, we’re here to help you make an informed decision. Let’s dive in!

? Our Top 5

SaleNo. 1
RisoPhy Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, RGB 104 Keys Ultra-Slim LED Backlit USB Wired Keyboard with Blue Switch, Durable Abs Keycaps/Anti-Ghosting/Spill-Resistant Computer Keyboard for PC Mac Xbox Gamer
  • 【Mechanical Keyboard: Responsive BLue Switches】RisoPhy PC keyboard features clicky keys which offer you higher accuracy and quicker response with an enjoyable click sound when typing.This keyboard is more comfortable to type on since it features deeper key travel,greater feedback,and more space between keys.For those who prefer keyboards with a more tactile and "clicky" feel,our keyboard with BLUE switches is a nice choice.
  • 【Rainbow Backlit Keyboard: illuminate Your Desktop】With 9 different backlights,5 levels of light speed and brightness,this computer keyboard enriches your gaming experience and improves your mood greatly,which is a great addition to your desktop,especially in the dark.Plus,the ultra-durable double injection ABS engineered keycaps provide crystal clear uniform backlight and greatly improve your typing accuracy at night.
  • 【High-end 104 Keys Full-Size Keyboard】The Win lock function frees your worry about mistyping when gaming(Fn+Win).Keycaps are pluggable and easy to clean,saving you much unnecessary trouble.We designed 4 hydrophobic holes for this keyboard,allowing water to flow away quickly to prevent damage to the keyboard.No longer afraid of accidents.(✦Include a keycaps puller for cleaning or other needs.)
  • 【Advanced Ergonomic Comfort】This PC gamer Keyboard adopts a scientific stair-up keycap design that keeps your arms in the most natural state to minimize hand fatigue for long time use.In order to improve your posture and make you more comfortable during use,the wired keyboard comes with 2 strong foldable rear kickstands to slope it.Moreover,the keyboard is non-slip enough because there are 4 rubber padding underneath the keyboard.
  • 【100% Anti-Ghosting & 12 Multimedia Combinations】100% anti-ghosting gaming keyboard allows all keys to work simultaneously,no matter how fast you type.12 multimedia key shortcuts allow you to quickly access to calculator/media/volume control/email.RisoPhy mechanical gaming keyboard with the number pad greatly improves your productivity.This ultra-durable keyboard with up to 50 million keystrokes life works well with Windows 7/8/10/XP/VISTA/95/98/XP/2000/ME/VISTA and Mac OS Xbox etc.
No. 2
MageGee Portable 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, MK-Box LED Backlit Compact 68 Keys Mini Wired Office Keyboard with Red Switch for Windows Laptop PC Mac - Black/Grey
  • Mini portable 60% compact layout: MK-Box is a 68 keys mechanical keyboard have cute small size, separate arrow keys and all your F-keys you need, can use it for gaming or work while saving space.
  • Mechanical red switch: characterized for being linear and smoother, slight key sound has no paragraph sense with minimal resistance, but fast action without a tactile bump feel which makes it easier to tap the keyboard.
  • Classic charming blue LED backlit: Customize multiple illuminated LED light effects, supports about 15 backlight modes, press Fn + Ins can control it, FN + ←/→ control backlight speed, FN + ↑/↓ control backlight brightness.
  • Full anti-ghosting keyboard: all 68 keys are no conflict, black grey red mash up design, ergonomic suspension double-color injection keycap, double kickstand feet adjustable typing angle and detachable usb cable, both practical and beautiful.
  • Extensive compatibility: MageGee MK-Box mechanical keyboards use USB 2.0 connector making it compatible with Windows (2000, XP, ME, Vista, 7, 8), Linux and Mac, plug and play, no drivers or software required.
SaleNo. 3
Logitech G413 SE Full-Size Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Backlit Keyboard with Tactile Mechanical Switches, Anti-Ghosting, Compatible with Windows, macOS - Black Aluminum
  • Take your gaming skills to the next level: The Logitech G413 SE is a full-size keyboard with gaming-first features and the durability and performance necessary to compete
  • PBT keycaps: Heat- and wear-resistant, this computer gaming keyboard features the most durable material used in keycap design
  • Tactile mechanical switches: Uncompromising performance is always within reach with this wired gaming keyboard
  • Premium color, material and finish: Elevate your gaming setup with this backlit keyboard featuring a sleek, black-brushed aluminum top case and white LED lighting
  • 6-Key rollover anti-ghosting performance: Experience reliable key input with this anti-ghosting keyboard versus non-gaming mechanical keyboards
SaleNo. 4
8Bitdo Retro Mechanical Keyboard, Bluetooth/2.4G/USB-C Hot Swappable Gaming Keyboard with 87 Keys, Dual Super Programmable Buttons for Windows and Android - N Edition
  • Inspired by the classics. Compatible with Windows 10(1903) or above, and Android 9.0 or above.
  • Connnect via Bluetooth, wireless 2.4G, or wired.
  • 87-key layout. Kailh Box Switch V2 White. Dye-sub PBT keycaps.
  • Top mount style. Hot-swappable PCB. Support n-key rollover.
  • Dual Super Buttons - offer large, programmable keys. Map anything to the Super Buttons instantly without using software.
No. 5
MageGee Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, 104 Keys White Backlit Keyboard with Brown Switches, USB Wired Mechanical Computer Keyboard for Laptop, Desktop, PC Gamers (White & Black)
  • WHITE BACKLIT GAMING KEYBOARD: MageGee gaming keyboard is designed with single white lighting effect, 20 different backlit modes, 5 backlight brightness levels and 5 backlit speed, creating a cool and colorful game atmosphere to enhance the excitement of the game. The backlight can be easily turned off. NOTE: THE WHITE & PINK / WHITE & BLUE KEYBOARDS COME WITH AN EXTRA SET OF KEYCAPS IN THE NEGATIVE COLOR SCHEME. OTHER COLOR KEYBOARDS COME WITH 16 KEYCAPS.
  • MECHANICAL BROWN SWITCHES: Brown switch is somewhere in between the blue and red switches, with good tactile feedback and a slight click. It is responsive and feels a little heavier than the red switch, especially suitable for fans of entry-level mechanical keyboards. Floating keys design, easy to clean the dust.
  • DESIGNED FOR COMFORT: The mechanical keyboard adopts premium metal panel construction to make it stable. Ergonomic key layout fits your fingers perfectly and reduces typing fatigue. Two-step keyboard feet allow you to set your keyboard up at 3 different tilt angles. No driver needed, just plug and play.
  • ANTI GHOSTING KEYBOARD: All keys have individual switches with full n-key rollover, which provides faster response and better keystroke feeling. 104 mechanical keys are conflict free, allowing you to press or hold multiple keys simultaneously. 12 multimedia combination keys on the top of the keyboard (FN+ F1~F12) offer quick operations, great for gaming and office.
  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY: The USB wired gaming keyboard works well with computer, PC, laptop, compatible with Windows 2000/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10/MAC/Linux.

? How to choose?

1. Types of Mechanical Keyboards

When it comes to choosing a mechanical keyboard, the first thing you need to consider is the type of switch it uses. There are several types of switches available, each with its own unique characteristics. Some popular options include:

– **Cherry MX**: These switches are known for their durability and tactile feedback. They come in different variations such as Cherry MX Red, Cherry MX Blue, and Cherry MX Brown, each offering a different typing experience.

– **Razer**: Razer switches are designed specifically for gaming and offer a shorter actuation point for faster response times. They are available in options like Razer Green, Razer Orange, and Razer Yellow.

– **Logitech Romer-G**: These switches are known for their quiet operation and fast actuation. They provide a smooth typing experience and are designed for both gaming and productivity.

2. Consider Your Usage

Before making a decision, it’s important to consider how you plan to use your mechanical keyboard. Are you primarily a gamer, a writer, or someone who spends long hours typing? Each use case may require different features and switch types. For example, gamers might prefer switches with a shorter actuation point for quick key presses, while writers may prioritize tactile feedback to enhance typing speed and accuracy.

3. Build Quality and Durability

One of the key advantages of mechanical keyboards is their durability. They are built to withstand heavy usage and are often rated for millions of keystrokes. When choosing a mechanical keyboard, pay attention to the build quality and materials used. Look for keyboards with a sturdy frame and high-quality keycaps that won’t fade or wear out over time.

4. Backlighting and Customization

If you’re someone who enjoys a little extra flair, consider a mechanical keyboard with backlighting options. Backlit keyboards often come with customizable RGB lighting, allowing you to personalize the colors and effects to match your setup or mood. Additionally, some keyboards offer programmable keys, allowing you to create custom macros or shortcuts for enhanced productivity.

5. Price and Value for Money

While it’s true that mechanical keyboards can be more expensive than their membrane counterparts, it’s important to consider the value for money you’re getting. A well-built mechanical keyboard can last for years, making it a worthwhile investment for those who spend a significant amount of time typing or gaming. However, it’s also essential to set a budget and find a keyboard that meets your needs without breaking the bank.

Ultimately, the perfect mechanical keyboard is a personal choice. Consider your usage, preferences, and budget to find the one that suits you best. Remember, a mechanical keyboard is not just a tool, but a companion that can enhance your typing or gaming experience for years to come.

? What to Look for in a mechanical keyboards?

1. Keyboard Switches: Finding the Perfect Balance

When it comes to mechanical keyboards, the switches are the heart and soul of the typing experience. There are several types of switches to choose from, each offering a unique feel and level of responsiveness. One of the most popular switch brands is Cherry MX, known for their durability and smooth keystrokes. However, other brands such as Gateron and Kailh have also gained popularity in recent years for their competitive pricing and comparable performance.

It’s essential to consider your typing style and preferences when selecting a switch. If you’re a heavy typist who enjoys a tactile feedback with every keystroke, you might lean towards switches like the Cherry MX Brown or Gateron Brown. On the other hand, if you’re a gamer seeking rapid and precise keystrokes, switches like the Cherry MX Red or Gateron Red might be more suitable.

2. Backlighting and Customization: Adding a Personal Touch

While the primary function of a keyboard is to provide a comfortable typing experience, many mechanical keyboards offer additional features such as backlighting and customization options. Backlighting can enhance your typing experience, especially in dimly lit environments, and can also add a touch of style to your setup. RGB backlighting, in particular, allows you to customize the color and intensity of the backlight to match your mood or gaming aesthetic.

Some keyboards even offer software customization, allowing you to program macros, remap keys, and create profiles for different applications or games. This level of customization can greatly enhance your productivity or gaming experience, giving you the ability to personalize your keyboard to fit your unique needs and preferences.

3. Build Quality and Durability: Investing in Longevity

Mechanical keyboards are known for their durability, often outlasting their membrane keyboard counterparts. When investing in a mechanical keyboard, it’s crucial to consider the build quality and materials used. Look for keyboards made from sturdy materials like aluminum or high-quality ABS plastic. Avoid keyboards with a flimsy construction, as they are more prone to wear and tear.

Additionally, pay attention to the keycaps. Double-shot or PBT keycaps are more durable and resistant to shine caused by prolonged use. They also provide a more satisfying typing experience compared to ABS keycaps.

In summary, when searching for the perfect mechanical keyboard, pay close attention to the type of switches, backlighting and customization options, and overall build quality. Remember to consider your typing style, preferences, and intended use to find the keyboard that will provide you with the best typing or gaming experience for years to come.

? How we picked?

1. Key factors to consider when choosing a mechanical keyboard

When it comes to buying a mechanical keyboard, there are several key factors that should be taken into consideration to ensure you make the right choice. These factors include the type of key switches, keyboard size, and additional features.

The type of key switches is perhaps the most important factor to consider. There are various types available, such as Cherry MX, Razer Green, and Gateron. Each type has its own unique characteristics, offering different levels of tactile feedback, actuation force, and noise level. For example, Cherry MX Blue switches provide a satisfying click sound and tactile feedback, while Cherry MX Red switches offer a smoother and quieter typing experience. It’s important to consider your personal preference and typing style when choosing the right switch type for you.

Keyboard size is another important consideration. Mechanical keyboards come in various sizes, including full-size, tenkeyless (TKL), and compact. The size you choose depends on your needs and preferences. If you require a dedicated numpad for numerical input, a full-size keyboard would be suitable. On the other hand, if you prefer a more compact and portable option, a TKL or compact keyboard would be a better choice.

Additional features are also worth considering. Some mechanical keyboards offer customizable RGB lighting, programmable macros, and detachable cables. These features can enhance your typing or gaming experience, depending on your needs. For example, customizable RGB lighting allows you to personalize your keyboard’s appearance, while programmable macros enable you to assign complex commands to a single key press.

2. Researching and reading reviews

Once you have a clear understanding of the key factors to consider, it’s time to dive into the research phase. Reading reviews from trusted sources can provide valuable insights into the performance, durability, and overall user experience of different mechanical keyboards. Websites like PCMag, Tom’s Guide, and TechRadar often publish in-depth reviews that cover a wide range of models.

It’s important not to solely rely on a single review, as everyone’s preferences and requirements may vary. Reading multiple reviews will give you a more well-rounded perspective and help you make an informed decision. Pay attention to both the pros and cons mentioned in the reviews to get a complete picture of each keyboard’s strengths and weaknesses.

3. Testing and hands-on experience

While reading reviews is a great starting point, nothing beats testing a mechanical keyboard firsthand. If possible, visit a local electronics store or attend a tech expo where you can try out different keyboards. This hands-on experience will allow you to feel the key switches, assess the build quality, and evaluate the overall typing experience.

If visiting a physical store is not an option, consider purchasing keyboards from online retailers with a generous return policy. This way, you can test the keyboard in your own environment and return it if it doesn’t meet your expectations. Keep in mind that everyone’s preferences may differ, so what works for others may not necessarily work for you.

By considering key factors, researching and reading reviews, and testing keyboards firsthand, you can confidently choose a mechanical keyboard that suits your needs and preferences. Remember, a mechanical keyboard is a long-term investment, so take your time and make an informed decision to ensure a satisfying typing or gaming experience.

? Frequently asked questions about mechanical keyboards

1. What is a mechanical keyboard?
A mechanical keyboard is a type of keyboard that uses individual mechanical switches for each key, as opposed to the rubber dome switches found in most standard keyboards. These mechanical switches provide a more tactile and responsive typing experience, making them a popular choice among gamers, programmers, and typists.

2. Why should I choose a mechanical keyboard over a standard keyboard?
There are several advantages to choosing a mechanical keyboard. Firstly, the tactile feedback and audible click of the switches can enhance typing speed and accuracy. Secondly, the durability of mechanical switches ensures a longer lifespan for the keyboard, making it a worthwhile investment. Additionally, mechanical keyboards often offer customizable features such as programmable macros and RGB lighting, allowing users to personalize their typing experience.

3. Which type of mechanical switch should I choose?
There are various types of mechanical switches available, each with its own characteristics. The most common types include Cherry MX switches, Gateron switches, and Kailh switches. Cherry MX switches are known for their consistency and reliability, while Gateron switches are praised for their smooth keystrokes. Kailh switches, on the other hand, are often preferred by gamers for their low actuation force. It is important to try out different switches to find the one that suits your preferences and typing style.

4. Are mechanical keyboards noisy?
One common misconception about mechanical keyboards is that they are loud and disruptive. While it is true that some switches, such as Cherry MX Blue switches, produce a distinct click sound, there are quieter options available. Switches like Cherry MX Brown or Gateron Brown provide a more subtle tactile feedback without the audible click, making them suitable for office or shared environments where noise may be a concern.

5. Are mechanical keyboards compatible with all computers?
Yes, mechanical keyboards are compatible with all computers, including Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. They connect via USB and do not require any specific drivers or software to function properly. However, it is worth noting that some mechanical keyboards offer additional features that may require software installation for full customization.

By offering a comprehensive overview of what mechanical keyboards are, their advantages, switch options, noise levels, and compatibility, this FAQ section aims to address common questions and concerns that potential buyers may have. Incorporating quotes and examples, as well as optimizing for SEO by including relevant keywords, ensures that the content is engaging, informative, and easily discoverable.

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