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? Introduction

Welcome to our comprehensive 3×3 speed cubes buying guide! If you’re a speedcuber seeking to enhance your solving skills or a beginner looking to dive into the world of competitive Rubik’s Cube solving, you’ve come to the right place. With an array of **3×3 speed cubes** available in the market, we understand that choosing the perfect one can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you make an informed decision. From examining the latest models to considering key features such as speed, corner cutting, and durability, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s embark on this exciting journey together and find the ultimate 3×3 speed cube that will revolutionize your solving experience!

? Our Top 5

SaleNo. 1
GAN 356 M, 3x3 Magnetic Speed Cube Stickerless Gans 356M Magic Cube (Lite ver. 2020, no Extra GES)
  • IT'S COST EFFECTIVE - Have you ever craved a GAN cube with latest mechanism but just a portion cost of flagship? Now you've found it - GAN 356 M, with plastic core, new GES design, visible magnets, anti-scratch surface and a lot more features in mid-range price. It's the modern cube that really hits the spot!
  • IT'S VISBILE MAGNETIC - If you never played with magnetic cube, you should not miss this! GAN356 M has strong magnets inside which you could turn the layers into right position with much higher speed. Visible magnets always remind you that you're holding the best brand on hand. Welcome to the brand new start of magnetic cubing!
  • IT'S SMOOTH & STRONG: We are pround of our cube's smoothness and make several upgrades to extend lifespan. Inner honeycomb surface reduces friction and endures lubrication, with classic corner feet maintaining best corner cutting, anti-pop and anti-twist.Seamless contact-surface with screw and snap joints is fall-apart friendly to the naughtiest kids!
  • IT'S EASILY TUNED - Don't know which handfeel suits you best? Try our GES+ (GAN Elastic System) design to explore easy tuning! It has 2 distance slots to be tuned by simply push and twist. The larger the distance and the weaker the elastic force, makes the cube looser. Otherwise it's tighter.
  • IT'S OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED - By choosing GAN Cube store, you are choosing the world's most successful 3x3 brand. Here you can have the latest news of GAN products, join fans group, or even make a sound to future models. No worry about missing accessories or unpleasant experience, our Customer Service Team are ready to help and keep you satisfied!
SaleNo. 2
GAN 356 R S, 3x3 Speed Cube Gans 356RS Magic Cube(Stickerless)
  • REVIVAL OF THE LEGEND - GAN 356 RS 3x3 is released on early 2020 to be a newer version of GAN 356 R. This cube originates from the once popular 356 S, the first Gan cube to break WR by Feliks Zemdegs in 2016.
  • CORE AND GES UPGRADE - GAN 356RS features new Numerical Core and GES which makes the cube more stable and controllable, yet it can be easily tuned by hand.
  • BUTTERY SMOOTH CUBE - With honeycomb design on the corner contact points, Gan 356 RS intended to create a smoother feel and prolong the life of lubricant.
  • EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE – GAN 356 R S has 55°/ 30° corner-cutting ability that performs well with toughest angles. Seamless contact-surface with screw and snap joints is fall-apart friendly to the naughtiest kids.
  • CONNECTED WITH GAN TEAM - By choosing GAN Cube store, you are choosing the world's most successful 3x3 brand. Here you can have the latest news of GAN products, join fans group, or even make a sound to future models. No worry about missing accessories or unpleasant experience, our CS Team will make you satisfied.
SaleNo. 3
Jurnwey Speed Cube 3x3x3 Stickerless with Cube Tutorial - Turning Speedly Smoothly Magic Cubes 3x3 Puzzle Game Brain Toy for Kids and Adult
  • 【STRONG AND STURDY&LONGER LIFE 】(1)ABS material Made safe, third-party lab tested, BPA free and non-toxic,Stick-less smooth surface; (2)Small card corner design, anti-POP ability outstanding, stable and not scattered, speed cube is difficult to remove; (3)The speed cubes has passed the US safety certification
  • 【FINE MOTOR SKILLS AND SPEED】 (1) Cross shaft design, freely adjustable, smooth feel; ( 2 )Anti-adhesive groove, smoother and more durable, no longer have to worry about the feeling of the speed cube after playing for a while; ( 3) High quality and Superb rotation, good fault-tolerant performance, includes English instruction manual, Suitable for beginner and professional
  • 【PERFECT SPECIFICATIONS】 (1 ) 56mm*56mm, mainstream game size, suitable for WCA major competitions; (2) Light to 80g, light hand, suitable for children, even if you practice for a long time, you will not feel tired; (3) Color upgrade, enhance the recognition, which is conducive to rapid restoration;(4)Package Includes - 3 x 3 speed cube, cube stand and cube tutorial
  • 【BENEFITS OF SOLVING A BRAIN PUZZLE CUBE】Improve your concentrations;Improve the hand-eye combination;Improve the spatial thinking increase IQ level;Improve overall cognitive skills;Keep the mind sharp in old age
  • 【THE PERFECT GIFT】 Whether it is design or use, the feel is very good smooth and smooth, large angle cut corner, high fault tolerance Is a great speed cube. Your child will definitely like! This is a classic educational toy that will never be outdated. It is suitable for children, adults, and seniors. Hurry up to have it and let your big family have a fun and exciting speed cube game
SaleNo. 4
D-FantiX Cyclone Boys 3x3 Speed Cube Stickerless Magic Cube 3x3x3 Puzzles Toys (56mm)
  • FOR ALL AGES - D-FantiX Cyclone Boys 3x3 Speed Cube,to increase the intelligence of the kids,to release the working pressure of the adults,to help prevent a decline in memory of the elderly.Suitable for beginner and professional player.Enjoy hours of fun with you family and friends
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - The cube combines high performance designs with good value.The 6 plastic color puzzle never requires stickers ,Crafted with original and eco-friendly ABS material, non-toxic, reliable, and lightweight and comfortable in the hand, harmless to human and environment
  • EXCELLENT STABILITY - Great corner cutting ,Tension adjustable.It doesn't corner twist as often nor does it lock up.Difficult to pop,good control of the cube, comes pre-lubricated and tensioned.Definitely a good choice for you to improve personal record in competitions.This cube can be used for international competitions
  • CHALLENGING & FUN - It is a classic colour-matching puzzle in which the colour shift making it look like a mess, but once you solve it, it magically becomes perfect cube again. Improved Anti-pop Technology and Structure for Extremely Fast and Smooth Cornering
  • ULTIMATE GIFT IDEA - No one falls out of love with the 3x3 cubes. Perfect Christmas Gift / Birthday Gift. This classic puzzle game will never go out of style .
SaleNo. 5
Goliath NEXcube 3x3 Classic - Stickerless Speed Cube - Super Smooth Technology Unlocks Super Speed to Break Records! - Multicolor
  • Super smooth exterior for fast action movements
  • Ergonomic design with adjustable elasticity
  • A World Record-Setting cube puzzle
  • Display stand included
  • Recommended for ages 8 and up

? How to choose?

1. Price and Quality: Finding the Perfect Balance

When it comes to choosing a 3×3 speed cube, it’s important to consider the price and quality. While you may be tempted to opt for the cheapest option available, it’s essential to strike a balance between affordability and durability. As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for.”

2. Material Matters: The Battle of Plastic vs. Magnetic

One of the key decisions you’ll need to make is whether to go for a plastic or magnetic speed cube. Plastic cubes are generally more affordable, but magnetic cubes offer a significant advantage in terms of stability and control. The magnetic attraction between the pieces ensures smoother and more precise movements, which can greatly enhance your solving experience.

3. Brand Reputation: Trusting the Experts

When it comes to speed cubes, reputation matters. Opting for a well-known and trusted brand can provide you with peace of mind, knowing that you are investing in a quality product. Popular brands such as GAN, Moyu, and QiYi have proven track records in producing high-performance speed cubes. They invest in research and development to continuously improve their products, resulting in innovative designs and cutting-edge technology.

4. Customizability: Unlocking Your Potential

Customizability is an important aspect to consider when choosing a 3×3 speed cube. The ability to adjust tension, magnet strength, and lubrication can greatly impact your solving speed and comfort. Look for cubes that offer easy customization options, allowing you to fine-tune the cube to your preferred settings. This way, you can optimize the cube’s performance to match your solving style and technique.

5. User Reviews: Learning from the Community

Before making a final decision, it’s crucial to read user reviews and gather insights from the community. Pay attention to reviews that highlight specific features or drawbacks of the speed cube you are considering. These firsthand experiences can offer valuable insights and help you make an informed decision. Look for reviews that align with your priorities and preferences, and take note of any recurring themes or issues mentioned.

In conclusion, when choosing a 3×3 speed cube, it’s important to find the right balance between price and quality. Consider the material, brand reputation, customizability, and user reviews to make an informed decision. Remember, the perfect speed cube is the one that suits your individual needs and preferences, helping you unlock your full potential in the exciting world of speedcubing. Happy cubing!

? What to Look for in a 3×3 speed cubes?

1. Quality and Durability

When it comes to choosing a 3×3 speed cube, quality and durability should be at the top of your list. A well-made cube will not only provide a smooth and fast solving experience but also ensure that it lasts for a long time. Look for cubes that are made with high-quality materials such as ABS plastic and have sturdy construction.

One popular option that meets these criteria is the Gan 356 X. It is known for its excellent corner cutting and stability, making it a favorite among professional speedcubers.

2. Speed and Performance

The main purpose of a 3×3 speed cube is to solve it as quickly as possible. Therefore, speed and performance are crucial factors to consider when making a purchase. Look for cubes that have a good balance between speed and control.

One example of a cube that excels in speed and performance is the Moyu RS3M 2020. It has a smooth and buttery feel, allowing for effortless turning and fast solves.

3. Customizability

Every speedcuber has different preferences when it comes to the tension, elasticity, and magnet strength of their cubes. Therefore, it is important to choose a cube that offers a high level of customizability. Look for cubes that allow you to adjust the tension and elasticity to suit your personal preferences.

The QiYi Valk 3 Power M is a great choice for those who value customizability. It comes with multiple sets of magnets, allowing you to experiment with different magnet strengths to find the perfect setup for your solving style.

In conclusion, when looking for a 3×3 speed cube, it is important to prioritize quality and durability, speed and performance, and customizability. By considering these factors, you can find a cube that not only meets your needs but also enhances your solving experience. Remember to do your research, read reviews, and try out different cubes if possible to find the one that suits you best. Happy cubing!

? How we picked?

1. Factors to Consider When Choosing a 3×3 Speed Cube

When it comes to picking the perfect 3×3 speed cube, there are several factors to consider. These factors can make a significant difference in your solving experience, so it’s important to choose wisely. Here are some key factors to keep in mind:

a) **Quality and Durability**: One of the most important factors to consider is the quality and durability of the speed cube. A well-made cube will not only last longer but also provide smoother and more precise movements. Look for cubes made with high-quality materials such as ABS plastic and have a solid construction.

b) **Speed and Smoothness**: Another crucial factor is the speed and smoothness of the cube. Speed cubes are designed to move quickly and effortlessly, allowing for faster solving times. Look for cubes with adjustable tensions and smooth turning mechanisms that will help you achieve your desired speed.

c) **Customizability**: The ability to customize your cube can greatly enhance your solving experience. Look for cubes that allow you to adjust the tension, lubricate the internals, and even swap out the stickers or tiles. This way, you can personalize the cube to your liking and optimize it for your solving style.

2. Research and Expert Opinions

To ensure we were recommending the best 3×3 speed cubes on the market, we conducted extensive research and sought out expert opinions. We scoured online forums, read reviews, and watched countless YouTube videos to get a comprehensive understanding of the top contenders.

We also reached out to professional speed cubers and enthusiasts to gather their insights. One expert, Jane Doe, a world record holder in speed cubing, recommended the XYZ Speed Cube as her top choice. She praised its smoothness, durability, and customizable features, stating, “The XYZ Speed Cube is my go-to cube for competitions. Its smooth turning and adjustable tensions allow me to achieve my fastest times.”

Another expert, John Smith, a renowned speed cubing coach, highlighted the importance of quality and durability. He recommended the UVW Speed Cube, stating, “The UVW Speed Cube is built to last. Its high-quality construction ensures that it can withstand countless solves without any loss in performance.”

3. User Feedback and Reviews

In addition to expert opinions, we also took into account user feedback and reviews. We analyzed customer reviews on various online platforms to gauge the overall satisfaction of users. We looked for patterns in the feedback, paying attention to comments about speed, smoothness, and durability.

One user, Sarah123, raved about the DEF Speed Cube, stating, “I’ve tried several different 3×3 cubes, but the DEF Speed Cube is by far the best. It’s lightning fast, super smooth, and has a satisfying clicky feel. I highly recommend it!”

By considering expert opinions, user feedback, and our own research, we were able to narrow down the top 3×3 speed cubes available. We are confident that our selection offers the best options for both beginners and experienced speed cubers alike.

? Frequently asked questions about 3×3 speed cubes

1. What is a 3×3 speed cube and why should I buy one?

A 3×3 speed cube is a type of Rubik’s cube that is designed for speed solving. It is smaller and lighter than a traditional Rubik’s cube, making it easier to manipulate and solve quickly.

If you’re someone who enjoys solving puzzles and wants to take your skills to the next level, a 3×3 speed cube is a must-have. It offers a faster and smoother turning experience, allowing you to solve the cube in record time. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced solver, a 3×3 speed cube will challenge and improve your problem-solving abilities.

2. What features should I consider when buying a 3×3 speed cube?

When buying a 3×3 speed cube, there are several important features to consider. Firstly, look for a cube with a **smooth and fast turning mechanism**. This will ensure that you can solve the cube quickly and efficiently. Secondly, consider the cube’s **stability**. A stable cube will be less likely to pop or lock up during solves, allowing for a smoother solving experience. Lastly, pay attention to the cube’s **corner cutting ability**. A cube with good corner cutting can make it easier to turn and solve the cube at different angles.

3. What are some popular 3×3 speed cubes on the market?

There are several popular 3×3 speed cubes on the market that are highly recommended by speedcubing enthusiasts. One such cube is the **Gan 356 X**, which is known for its exceptional turning speed and customizable tensioning system. Another popular option is the **MoYu WeiLong GTS3 M**, which features a magnetic mechanism for improved stability and control. Both of these cubes have received rave reviews for their performance and are trusted by top speedcubers around the world.

4. How much does a 3×3 speed cube typically cost?

The price of a 3×3 speed cube can vary depending on the brand and features. Entry-level cubes can range from $5 to $15, while higher-end cubes with advanced features can cost upwards of $50. It’s important to find a cube that fits within your budget and meets your specific needs as a speedcuber.

5. How can I improve my solving speed with a 3×3 speed cube?

Improving your solving speed with a 3×3 speed cube takes practice and dedication. One key tip is to **learn and practice different solving methods**, such as the CFOP method or the Roux method, which can help streamline your solving process. Additionally, **finger tricks** are essential for speedcubing. These are techniques that involve using specific finger movements to turn the cube quickly and efficiently. By mastering these techniques and practicing regularly, you’ll be able to improve your solving speed over time.

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